Deaf Learners Survey

Published: Apr 15th, 2013

Deaf Unity LogoIn the lead up to the Deaf Learners Conference on 28th May, we are undertaking a survey of the experiences of deaf learners in education. The aim is to examine the provision of support and obtain an overall view of education for deaf people in the UK, in the past and the present. Gaining information about the education of deaf people in the UK means that we can see where the gaps are in support provision and work towards ways of closing that gap, working with deaf learners and their education providers.

Deaf Unity believes in supporting deaf learners with transparency, information and support for those thinking about progression into college or University. By undertaking this survey, we hope to gain a greater understanding of what needs to change, and what kind of support and education works. The survey is here. All information provided is kept anonymous. The deadline for the survey is April 30th.

Deaf Unity is looking forward to working with deaf learners and deaf education providers, looking towards the future of deaf education. The conference is on 28th May, and tickets are selling out fast – if you don’t have yours, don’t forget to register here.


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One Response to “Deaf Learners Survey”

  1. natalie says:

    i am not a deaf learner but i have been doing a course on deaf awareness and sign language,i would love to work with people with a disability and i was wondering if there is any advise you could give me on this subject. i would like to make the people that i work with comfertable and make them feel more apart of the comunity. please if there is something that you can tell me i would love to here them. yours truely natalie

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