Careers Fair Update

Published: Mar 12th, 2014

Abdi GasDear Readers and Contributors

We are pleased to inform you that our Deaf Careers Fair – the first of its kind – is gathering speed and is well on its way to being a great event. It is on 7th May 2014 – for more information, please follow this link.

There is just something that we would like to address. Whilst we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the Community, employers, recruiters and such, we have also been disappointed at some of the comments on a select few sites. These sites are places for dialogue and discussion, and whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there are a few regular contributors that seem to use it as a soap-box for their own vendettas and airing views that are hardly constructive.

We have already posted a comment on the site, in response to a growingly sinister thread. Whilst we are loath to do this, fuelling the fire as it were, we feel that these trends should not go unchecked. Below is our comment. In the spirit of openness, and with the desire to always create dialogue and suggestions, we post it here:

“We would like to thank you for raising this event – and the surrounding issues – on this page. It is good to see that people are interested and would be willing to attend, if the event was free. We are going to take the positive from that and see it is an event that would be welcomed by the Community.

We feel the same way as many of you – people should be covering the costs, organisations should be paying in so that we do not have to. When Abdi was in America, it was amazing to see that deaf-led organisations were supported by interpreting agencies, VRS agencies and providers and others who make money from the Deaf Community. Sadly, we have far less organisations and many of them are not willing to pay.

We would love for this event to be free and take the comments on board regarding securing funding and sponsors prior to inviting participants. However, that is why an event like this has never happened. Funders and sponsors will only give across their money if they can see that it will be a success. They want to see a Community that is driven within itself to move forward. As this is the first event of its kind, we cannot prove with numbers. Equally, Deaf people only want to attend if it is free. For many that is a justified sentiment, as the economy is very tight and many are struggling. But, others just want it to be free for frees sake. They feel that we are owed it and they will come, walk around and then complain afterwards.

We are working hard to use the support from pages like this to draw in funding parties and sponsors. Sadly, these negative comments and destructive (and sometimes personally offensive) remarks do more harm than good for our case, so we cannot show them. What we need is positive dialogue and suggestions so that we can take this to ones who see a driven, supportive and progressive community. There is also room for arguing that as a Community, we should not need to rely on ‘outside’ help – as a Community we should be willing to invest in our own futures.

We hope these comments will be taken in the way they are meant. Please believe that this event is driven from personal motivation and we are not looking to make money. Fees are charged to cover the costs. We really do want the Community to rally around the event, and other organisation’s events, so that we can really gain momentum. Yet, whilst we rip each other down and spurn each other, things will never improve.

We wish you all well and assure you that we listen to all your comments.


– Abdi Gas, CEO.

The Community Rallies – We Listen

We are pleased to announce that due to amazing support from organisations and sponsors, we are able to make our upcoming Deaf Careers Fair free to unemployed deaf job seekers. The price for professionals who wish to attend will also be reduced to the price of £20.

We are aware that there has been much talk over the fact that we were charging for this event, but thanks to the support of our sponsors, we are now in a position to welcome all those who have expressed interest thus far. We are confident this will be a very successful event – the first of its kind. So, get onto our booking form and grab yourself a place.

Thanks to all those who have offered support and constructive comments through various media outlets.

See you at the event

Deaf Unity Team


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One Response to “Careers Fair Update”

  1. Clare Mitchell says:

    Dear Deaf Unity

    I learnt about this fair after reading the article published by Limping Chicken. I am interested in attending due to that I am unemployed since my position has became redundant last summer. Since then I have been active with my job hunting activities and found lot of obstacles underway. I feel this event would be useful for information gathering and sharing with our experiences. I found that all the free tickets are sold out. Is there any chance of obtaining a ticket that is free where as I fit in the unemployed category?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Clare Mitchell

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