STEM Students and Scientists Meeting

Event Details

Prague, Charles University Premises. Get to know each other, attend interesting lectures, participate in discussions, acquire new information and ideas. Limited capacity, max 30 people. If you are interested in participating, please, send a message to the following email address to deadline 1 January 2017. Send us a short text up to 200 words or a short video of max length of 2 minutes. In the text or video, please, introduce yourself, tell us which country you are form, where and in what field you work study, why you are interested in this meeting. Also, whether you would like to participate, or also to present your research. In case you have been chosen as a participant, you will be asked to pay the participation fee of EU20 by 31 January 2017 and to organise for yourself your accommodation and travel to the place of the meeting. The registration fee does not include meals, tickets, transportation and accommodation costs.


Event Organiser/Organisation
European Deaf Students Union
Start Date/Time
20 Apr 2017 at 09:00
End Date/Time
23 Apr 2017 at 17:30
Venue Address
Charles University, Prague PRAGUE
Booking Instructions

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