The Assistive Technology Conference

Event Details

Taking place on May 4 2017, the Assistive Technology Conference brings together leading experts who will explain how ground-breaking technology innovations can close the disability employment gap. This is the chance for professionals in a range of sectors across the healthcare, voluntary and technology industries to meet with some of the biggest names in Assistive Technology, and learn how specially designed tools can empower people with disabilities and long-term conditions to be more independent and enjoy rewarding careers.

“If we can empower and support people with long-term conditions to remain in or return to work, individuals, employers, and society as a whole will all reap the rewards.” – Cathy Garner, Chair of the Fit for Work Coalition

Why we need more assistive technologies

Assistive technologies cover a range of tools that are designed to improve accessibility and independence in all areas of life. They include everything from advanced prosthetics and computer software for the visually impaired.

According to the charity Scope, investing in assistive technologies could boost the UK economy by up to £45 billion, but more importantly, it could help to break down so many of the barriers disabled people face in education and the workplace.

 What to expect on the day

Some of the topics the Assistive Technology Conference 2017 will explore include:

  • How can AT be used to improve the lifestyles of disabled people and create equal opportunities?
  • How can assistive technology be better integrated into the everyday lives of the people who need it?
  • How can the benefits of assisstive technology be fully realised?
  • What applications does assisstive technology have within healthcare, education, employment and recreation?


Tickets start from £199 +VAT for the day event. Contact Daisy at or 0161 295 0113 to register for this discount.


Event Organiser/Organisation
University of Salford
Start Date/Time
04 May 2017 at 9.30am
End Date/Time
04 May 2017 at 4.30pm
Venue Address
Adelphi House, Salford M3 6EN
Event Website
Booking Instructions
Complete the booking form at:

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