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Purpose of Role: To assist the Board to see the bigger picture; bring a fresh perspective to plans and strategy, support the organisation. To ensure the charity is of the highest standard. As a representative for the community, our trustees are to be the main force pressing the organisation to the realisation of its opportunities for service and the fulfilment of its objectives to the organisations users, staff, volunteers, funders and wider community.

Main responsibilities and duties of the role:

-Approve the organisations mission statement and review the staffs performance in achieving it
-Annually assess the changing environment and approve the organisations year plan (Business Plan) or plan for coming year.
-Annually review and approve the organisations one-year strategy
-Review and approve the organisations year financial goals
-Annually review and approve the organisations budget
-Recruit, appoint, evaluate, monitor, appraise, advise, stimulate, support, reward and if necessary or desirable, change the Chief Executive of the organisation. ?
-Regularly discuss with the Chief Executive matters that are of concern to him/her or to the committee.
-Be assured that management succession is being properly provided
-Be assured that the organisational strength and staffing is equal to the requirements of the long range goals
-Approve appropriate salaries, terms and conditions of service for all staff
-Put forward names of prospective members of the management committee and fill vacancies as needed.
-Annually approve the staffs work plans and review their performance
-Review the results achieved by the staff team in relation to the organisations aims and objectives, annual and long range goals and the performance of similar projects
-Be certain that the financial structure of the organisation is adequate for its current needs and its long range strategy
-Provide candid and constructive criticism, advice, comments and praise.
-Approve major actions of the organisation, such as capital expenditure on all items over authorised limits and major changes in activities and services.
-Be assured that the Board is adequately and currently informed through reports and other methods of the condition of the organisation and its operations
-Be assured that published reports adequately reflect the nature of the services and the financial condition of the organisation
– Ascertain that the Chief Executive has established appropriate policies to define and identify conflicts of interest throughout the organisation and is administering and enforcing those policies
-Appoint independent auditors subject to approval by members
-Review the compliance with relevant laws affecting the organisation
-To maintain absolute confidentiality about sensitive/confidential information received in the course of the Trustees duties/responsibilities
-Approve major policies
-All other responsibilities as defined in the role of trustee Time Commitment


Centre of Sign-Sight-Sound (formally North Wales Deaf Association)
Colwyn Bay, Conwy. North Wales
Start Date
Approx June 2017
Job type
Vacancy Reference
Contact Details
Kelsey Rees-Dykes on 01492 530013 or email: : Kelsey.Rees-Dykes@deafassociation.co.uk
Added to site
Mar 15th, 2017

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