Deaf Unity and SNAD unite to pave the way for Deaf Somalis

Published: Jan 13th, 2013

Somali Deaf Seminar in MogadishuDeaf Unity is working with The Somali National Association for the Deaf (SNAD) to support and empower Deaf people in Somalia.  Twenty years of civil war have resulted in the destruction of the most basic infrastructure. However, after a few months of stability in the country Somalis are beginning to see their dreams of going back to a normal life slowly blossoming into a tangible reality. Rich in natural resources and at a strategic geographical point, Somalia could once again be a representative of the more developed countries in Africa, as it was up to the start of the civil war.  Deaf Unity’s CEO commented, “With the race to develop Somalia firmly underway, it is essential that Deaf people in Somalia are not left behind. We know there are now a few schools established for Deaf people in Somalia and our aim is to support these schools and ensure that they are providing the best possible education and Deaf equality in Somalia “.
The Somali National Association for the Deaf held a leadership seminar for Somali deaf leaders on Tuesday January 8th 2013.

Abubakar Sheikh, the president ofThis seminar which was supported by Deaf Unity was attended by 12 people. It was led by Abubakar Sheikh, the president of the SNAD who is currently a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, USA. The participants discussed a variety of topics including:

  • Deaf Culture
  • The importance of sign language
  • Leading with honesty and transparency
  • How to develop Somali Sign Language

Abubakar emphasized the need to understand that “ Deafness is not disability rather it is being a member of a special group which has its own language and culture ” said Abubakar.

Participants were very inspired by the workshop and promised to work on building a strong, united Somali Deaf community along with developing Somali Sign Language.

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