Deaf Unity: The First Deaf Careers Fair

Published: Dec 11th, 2013

Deaf Unity LogoDeaf Unity wishes to announce the first ever Deaf Careers Fair. The fair will take place on Wednesday 7 May at the Greater London Assembly’s City Hall Offices. It is a major initiative to address the chronic unemployment and underemployment of the deaf community.

The fair is the result of extensive efforts to develop good working relationships between employers within the Deaf and Hearing worlds. Its innovative approach means that, in addition to the normal range of stalls normally present at mainstream careers fair, it also includes a series of workshops addressing employment issues such as interviewing skills. Those workshops would inform both the deaf and hearing communities on such issues.

The success of Deaf Unity’s Learners conference in May 2013 highlighted the need to address the challenges for Deaf people moving from an academic learning environment into the world of employment, in particular, the lack of accessible resources to careers advice and role models emerged as a potential barrier to enable deaf people to move into employment. So many existing mainstream careers fairs provide a limited range of communication support for deaf people to learn about their different industries of interest. Moreover, those fairs do not tackle issues specific for deaf people or to enable dialogue on examples of good practice.

Deaf Unity’s CEO Abdi Gas said:

Deaf Unity is proud to announce this major innovative event which is not only the first in the UK, but also potentially in Europe. The rationale behind this event is one of the many reasons for having established Deaf Unity. This event has been entirely deaf inspired, deaf led, deaf organised, and deaf presented. It is a true reflection of what the united and supported deaf community is able to achieve and an example of the vast range of the underutilised skills and talents that exists within the deaf community. Such successes can only be achieved through partnership working with the wider community.”

For more information, please visit the Deaf Careers Fair page. To book, follow this link to the Eventbrite bookings page.

Deaf Unity welcomes a range of people to take part in its many projects. The Deaf Careers Fair is a first step amongst those many projects. It aims to provide an effective forum for many employers to work in partnership to develop models of good practice and activities to address the chronic unemployment and underemployment of the deaf community. The UK Council on Deafness considers that unemployment within the hearing community is at the rate of 1:10 whereas for the deaf community it is 1:4.

Deaf Unity is very keen to work with the HR Departments of many employers within the Deaf and Hearing worlds to develop and enhance expertise in the Deaf employment field. HR support would be vital for developing many potential future learning and development programmes that are on the horizon for Deaf Unity. An example is a deaf version of the Model United Nations programme to develop influencing and negotiating skills. The Deaf Careers Fair would provide a forum to discuss and develop those skills.

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5 Responses to “Deaf Unity: The First Deaf Careers Fair”

  1. Joanna Adusei says:

    Hello everyone
    I’m interested in Deaf unity, I am keen to the deaf careers and I have been unemployed for 13 years.

  2. Nadine Grippa says:

    I’m happy to join and listen your story about Deaf Job Fair feedback. It too early to say right now what I am reading right now and will get back to you later. Happy April soon Spring in Minnesota. Not quiet yet spring still snowing here Minnesota.

  3. Deaf Unity says:

    Hi Joanna, we will send you an email.

  4. Sandra Duberry says:

    I would like come to attend on Wednesday 7th May 2014 please can you send me information detail.
    Many thanks
    Sandra Duberry

  5. Deaf Unity says:

    Sandra, Thanks for your comment all the information is online. If you would like to register go to this link:


    Deaf Unity

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