First Deaf Leadership Development Course from mainstream industry

Published: Feb 5th, 2015

Ernst and Young, a leading accountancy firm has become the first mainstream employer to run a leadership development course specifically for deaf people.

The Business Disability Forum and Deaf Unity, a deaf-lead learning and development charity, are delighted that a major employer has taken a tremendous and pioneering step forward to engage with an under-represented group in society to increase the diversity of their workforce. This reflects the success of the first Deaf Careers Fair which took place in May 2014, organised by Deaf Unity ( and nominated for a Chartered Institute of Personnel Development Award (   Working in partnership with the Business Disability Forum and Deaf Unity, Ernst and Young are inviting seven promising deaf accountants to a fully accessible two-day leadership course to learn about commercial leadership skills and the company.

Deaf Unity’s Deaf Alumni Project Manager, Alasdair Grant said “Deaf Unity is very excited to hear about the excellent efforts that a major employer is undertaking to engage with the Deaf Community and to work in partnership with us to tackle the chronic under and unemployment of the Deaf community. We very much hope that this pioneering and innovative leap forward by Ernst and Young will inspire other employers to undertake similar activities and become a new standard to adopt within industry as a whole on the world stage”.

Deaf Unity’s CEO, Abdi Gas said “Leadership has always been the cornerstone of Deaf Unity’s vision. We are delighted to see our work being taken up by a leading organisation such as Ernst and Young. We look forward to this initiative being taken up by others as its success is recognised.”

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One Response to “First Deaf Leadership Development Course from mainstream industry”

  1. Jasmine Kirk says:


    I am the HR Advisor at van Asch Deaf Education Centre and am looking for courses, or looking to create a course that encourages leadership taking into perspective deaf culture.

    I notice that you run a mentoring programme and that E&Y ran an inhouse programme. I was wondering if you could provide me with contacts for these programmes so that I could ask about their experiences running these courses.

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