New app to report hate crime – Eye Witness

Published: Oct 13th, 2015

New research shows that that one in five people have witnessed a hate crime in the last year and 59% have witnessed anti-social behaviour. However, 70% of those admitted they did not get involved or report the incident. This week, to coincide with National Hate Crime Awareness Week, Trinity Mirror and entrepreneur Mahtab Khan have launched an app that could change that. ‘eyewitness’ is an app which enables the user to photograph, video or record incidents, time and geo-stamp the file and, in a couple of taps, send evidence to the most relevant police force via a secure evidence locker. Additionally, there is an option for users to send incident coverage to any of Trinity Mirror’s national or regional newsdesks.

In the last decade the growth of camera-enabled smartphones has contributed to a huge rise in both e-reporting of crimes and citizen journalism, including notorious examples such as the recent street bullying story in Northfields, Birmingham and the footage of the assault on Malaysian student Ashraf Rossli during the London riots. It’s hoped the app will make it easier for people to report crimes of this nature in future. “The results of our survey highlight the unfortunate prevalence of antisocial behaviour and hate crime in today’s society. These are really both UK-wide phenomena,” said Mahtab Khan. “Whilst it’s sad that 70% admitted to doing nothing let’s remember that these people might not have been in a safe position to report what they saw and, encouragingly, 16% of the people we polled did manage to make some kind of report to the police,” he said. ”

Eyewitness-logoWe’ve launched the eyewitness app specifically as a purpose-built tool for the safe reporting of hate crime and antisocial behaviour and I sincerely hope the app will make it easier for bystanders to report crimes of this nature in the future.” Yvonne Mosquito, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for West Midlands, welcomes the emergence of such apps and comments: “At a time when smart phones and tablets are accepted as an integral part of day to day life, this app helps put policing into the pockets of people in our communities. I hope the app is a great success and that it contributes to policing in a positive manner.”

The app is available to download for free on Android here and iOS here. You can also read more about the app here:

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