Motivating and Inspiring Deaf Mentors – It Has Begun!

Published: Mar 25th, 2016

Deaf Unity’s latest project – Motivating and Inspiring Deaf Learners – is now underway, with the first ‘Mentor Training Day’ having been held in London on 21 March 2016. For all involved, it was a great success. This project, funded by the Big Lottery, is bringing together Deaf people who want to contribute to creating a supportive and sustainable Deaf Community, through learning Mentoring skills. These skills will be used to mentor Deaf youths who are starting on their journey to study at Further or Higher Eduction.
Hosted by Imperial College London, a Deaf Unity partner, the inspirational Penelope Beschizza, a Qualified Teacher of the Deaf who is Deaf herself, provided training on a range of skills needed for Deaf people to mentor other deaf people in higher education. This training not only equips the mentors to give support to others, but also develops and hones a new set of skills for the mentors themselves. One participant said: “I feel I have gained so much from the training today. I feel more able to offer support to others, but I also feel more confident in myself and the abilities that I already had – I just didn’t know I had them.”

Deaf Unity Mentor day

The course covered a wide range of topics, such as: the difference between ‘mentoring’ and ‘coaching’; effective communication skills; interpersonal skills that make a good mentor; the challenges in higher and further education for deaf students, and the importance of continuing professional development.

If you would like to learn a valuable set of skills and gain a unique skill that will enhance your CV and set you apart from the competition, please do book your place on the next Deaf Mentor Training Day, to be held in Bristol on 11 April, 2016 at the Trinity Community Arts Centre from 9:45 am onwards. (

Be a part of building a supportive and sustainable Deaf Community by learning how to effectively pass on your experiences and skills to the next generation of Deaf Learners. Contact us today to book your place for free training: ( or email for more information.

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