A Message from Dr Justine Durno and Deaf Unity – COVID 19 Resources

Transcript Below:

At a time when coronavirus is spreading, making lots of people ill and killing some, there is also lots of information and gossip being passed around which can feel distressing and overwhelming. It is important that we all protect ourselves and have accurate information.

Deaf Unity asked me to encourage everyone to stay safe, stay home, and they have collected great websites and videos that explain what the virus is, how to protect yourself, and issues related to employment, education and how to look after your mental health. The links will be in the comments below.

We need to remember it is not the flu, it is not only affecting older people, you do need to take it seriously and staying at home will help keep you safe. We can also protect the NHS by staying at home. Remember the hospitals are very busy and focused on treating and saving lives of those who are severely sick from this.

If you feel unwell (with a fever or new cough), but can cope with it, stay at home and don’t leave the house for 7 days. Household members living with you should also not leave home for 14 days. If you feel unwell and cannot cope, or have felt unwell for more than 7 days, then you can call NHS 111 via Interpreter Now, or you can ask for a volunteer interpreter from the Facebook page – Deaf Translator/BSL Interpreter Volunteer Responders. All links will be put on this page. Or you can call 999.

Deaf Unity and myself hope you are all ok and carry on being safe and healthy.

Please take care of yourselves!

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