The Sex Ed Show with BSL Interpreter

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Bonnie Knockers is a sex and relationships educator. Ruby Corkscrew is a mother of two. And both have a healthy appreciation for the bawdy and bonkers. Who better then to put on a sex-ed themed cabaret show?!

Inspired by the government’s recent commitment to making Relationships and Sex Education a statutory subject in all schools by 2020, House of Burlesque brings you a sassy, silly and satirical social commentary on how we experience and are (mis-) educated about one of the core elements of our lives: featuring a range of burlesque, drag, cabaret and performance art which explores sex and relationships in all their messy, mundane and mysterious glory – with an educational twist…

From STIs and sexuality, to pleasure, porn and parenthood, prepare for a show which – like a good lover – will tickle your funnybone, challenge your mind and broaden your horizons: all with your consent, and in safe, supportive, rhinestone-gloved hands.

The latest new work from Tempest Rose’s House of Burlesque, creator of House of Burlesque 2.0, Lock In and La Revue en Rose at Vault. The UK’s top burlesque production company who have been ruffling feathers for over 10 years.

Event Organiser/Organisation
House of Burlesque
Start Date/Time
23 Feb 2020 at 9pm
End Date/Time
23 Feb 2020 at 10pm
Venue Address
Forge - The Vaults, Leake Street SE1 7NN
Event Website
Booking Instructions
Only the performance on the 23rd of February will have a BSL Interpreter. Book online:

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