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Four performances in total, 17th & 18th October, 6.15pm and 8.45pm each night.

What happens to your digital life after your death? If there was a magic button, would you choose to delete your online history?

USER NOT FOUND is about our digital identities after we die. You enter a café and receive a set of headphones and a smartphone. Several tables away, a man is grappling in real time with something deeply private. Gradually, you bear digital witness via smartphone and an intimate, funny live performance to a stranger’s profound experience.
All performances of User Not Found will be captioned, integrated into the app on the phones given to each audience member in the show.

For questions regarding the access, please email

Tickets may be booked via the Bush Theatre website:

Event Organiser/Organisation
Dante or Die
Start Date/Time
17 Oct 2019 at 6.15pm/8.45pm
End Date/Time
18 Oct 2019 at 7.45pm/10.15pm
Venue Address
Artisan Coffee, 32 New Broadway, Ealing, London W5 2XA
Event Website
Booking Instructions
Please book using the website here:

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