Intervener (1:1 professional working with a DeafBlind student)

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Job Description: DeafBlind Intervener Title: DeafBlind Intervener/Paraprofessional Position: Intervener for a 10-year-old DeafBlind student with CHARGE Syndrome, who attends a school for the Deaf in Queens, NY. An Intervener facilitates access to instruction, communication, and concept development for a student who is DeafBlind. Deafblindness, represented in varying degrees of hearing and vision loss, is a disability of access to people and things in the environment. The role of an intervener is necessary in order for the student to participate and interact effectively with the environment, serving as a bridge between the child and his world. The intervener works cooperatively with the teacher and related service providers in order to meet the educational goals of the child. The intervener will have on-going communication with the state deafblind project.

Intervener position in a Deaf school
Queens, NY
Start Date
January 2019
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Suzanne @
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Jan 6th, 2019

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