About Us

Deaf Unity exists to empower deaf people and to push for and enable change at three pivotal transition points: moving on from school to further studies/work; entering the workforce; and progression in the workplace.

Our Vision

Our vision is for deaf people to have the same tools, resources and support as their hearing peers so that they can take control of their lives, are empowered to thrive and can move through society without barriers.

Our Work

As a London-based organisation, we rally deaf Londoners around key barriers facing our community: together we:

  • raise awareness of the barriers that exist
  • develop new tools and resources to challenge the injustices that reduce deaf people’s aspirations and limit their education and career paths.
  • create opportunities and networks, across communities and space
  • campaign for the change that is needed if deaf people are to thrive within and contribute fully to society.
  • support deaf individuals to aspire and succeed

Deaf Unity’s online BSL training and digital resources reach our wider deaf community, across the UK.