About Us

We are Deaf Unity, the charity preparing deaf people for success.

  • We work to ensure deaf people can access effective practical tools, advice and services at critical stages throughout their lives.
  • We unite the deaf community to inform, support and empower.

Our Vision

A world where all deaf people are connected and empowered, supporting one another by sharing resources, stories and skills with the goal of equality and fairness. We aim to provide meaningful interventions to prepare and empower deaf people throughout their lives.

Our Mission

Empowering deaf people by providing the right support at critical moments from youth to adulthood. We work to ensure deaf people have equal and full access to information and opportunities.

We provide practical support and information when deaf people need them most. By providing a community, learning opportunities and targeted training we address the barriers and disparities that deaf people face, equipping them with the right information and tools to achieve.