About Deaf Unity

Deaf Unity aims to improve the quality of life of deaf people in the UK and worldwide.

Deaf Unity Logo

Deaf Unity works with all who are keen to support and empower deaf communities around the world – whether on an individual basis or at an organisational level.

Our vision is a world where all deaf people are connected – locally, regionally and globally – sharing resources and skills to empower one another for a better future.

Deaf Unity is leading by example. Our mission is simple and our vision is clear. We aim to work collaboratively, sharing ideas as a community of deaf people, working together to deliver projects which ‘make a difference’.

This is supported through:

  • Brokering partnerships or projects which meet the needs of the deaf communities across the world.
  • Raising public awareness of deafness and its impact
  • Provision of resources and tools
  • Promotion of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • Signposting to research of benefit to the Deaf community

Got a question? Have an idea for a project? Want to get involved? Please get in touch!

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