Deaf Unity celebrates diversity and opportunity. We strive to ensure the Deaf Community and its members have access to the same opportunities as those in wider society and the same chances to contribute their talent and skills to the workforce.

Growing a diverse workforce is in everyone’s best interests. A 2017 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study identified diversity as a key driver of innovation, finding that diverse teams produce 19% more revenue.

Why advertise with Deaf Unity

The Deaf Community is a linguistic and cultural minority. This can make deaf and hard of hearing people harder to reach when communicating opportunities.

By advertising with Deaf Unity, inclusive employers can be assured that they will attract candidates that may not be found through other recruitment channels.
Trust plays a large role in deciding whether to apply for an opportunity. Research by UCL discovered that 82% of disabled candidates don’t know which companies are truly disability-friendly and we can confidently say that this would be higher for deaf talent. As a result, they are less likely to apply for roles advertised on mainstream job boards than their non-deaf peers.

Deaf Unity has been introducing employers and deaf applicants for 10 years. We have worked from within the Deaf Community to become a trusted route for information and opportunities. Advertising your roles with Deaf Unity shows talented deaf candidates that you are serious about welcoming deaf applicants and that you embrace the unique skills and experiences that they bring. We have successfully introduced charities and corporations – both small and large – to our talented deaf pool.

Advertising Bundles

For employers with regular opportunities to communicate, our annual unlimited advertising package becomes the most cost-effective solution. If you advertise 100 or more vacancies a year, this is for you:

Unlimited adverts = £750 per annum

This gives you:

  • Unlimited advertising – A fixed fee means there are no limits to the number of jobs you can post.
  • Your logo on our job page – Visitors to our site and other pages will see your support and commitment to diversity
  • Advice and Guidance – We offer guidance on how to ensure your job posting to attract the most candidates from the Community.
  • Positive publicity – We regularly promote your commitment to inclusivity through our social media channels.
  • Legacy Investment – Your support helps us fund employment and development opportunities that cultivate the next round of deaf professionals.
  • Training – Access to discounted Sign Language & Deaf Awareness workshops when you committed to one year unlimited advertising. You also qualify for special rates for our accredited BSL courses.

Please contact us to arrange your unlimited advertising package

Single Advertising

If you are an organisation with less roles to advertise each year, we also offer highly competitive rates when compared with other job boards. Postings remain on the site for 60 days and the adverts can be posted at any time over the year.

  • 1 Advert = £25
  • 5 Adverts = £100 – buy 4 get one free!
  • 10 Adverts = £210 – saving you £40

Please contact us today to arrange your advertisement.

Accessible Information Services

To ensure recruitment practices are fully accessible and inclusive, many organisations make their information accessible in various formats, including British Sign Language.

At Deaf Unity we have a team of skilled translators, presenters and language consultants who can translate your application and associated information into BSL. What better way to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity from the get-go.