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Be Empowered to Excel: Learn British Sign Language with Deaf Unity

Do you want to learn sign language? Or improve your skills?
Do you have a deaf member of the family and want to learn to communicate?
Are you embarking on a new career as a communication support worker or interpreter?
Do you already work with a deaf person or deaf children?

British Sign Language is a beautiful and complex language that has been officially recognised since 2003. Why not join the thousands of people each year who want to learn more about the Deaf Community and communicate in British Sign Language (BSL) by enrolling on our BSL Courses.

We are excited to be able to offer a range of BSL courses to set you on your learning path and support you throughout your journey, click on the course title to find out more:

Deaf Awareness

Do you have deaf customers or clients? Have you identified that learning more about deafness and the Deaf Community would benefit your staff? If so, get in touch – we can offer bespoke Deaf Awareness workshops that give you knowledge, skills and confidence.

BSL Taster

Our FREE BSL Taster sessions are perfect for you, to dip your toe in to the water and see how it feels. They are fun, engaging and will give you an insight into the Deaf Community as well as showing you some of the basics of BSL

Introduction to British Sign Language

This in-house award gives you a strong foundation in Deaf Awareness, basic communication and the confidence to take the next step to an accredited course.

British Sign Language Level 1

This accredited course equips you with the language and skills to be able to communicate in BSL on a range of every day topics.

British Sign Language Level 2

This intermediate level course builds on your strong foundation and further develops your language skills on topics involving your social life and at work, school or college.

British Sign Language Level 3

This advanced level  helps you achieve a level of fluency when engaging in a range of real life, everyday scenarios.

British Sign Language Level 6

This qualification is useful for those who already work, or wish to work, in a professional capacity with Deaf people, such as teachers, social workers, volunteers or staff who engage with deaf people regularly.

Refresher Courses

If you are looking to brush up on your BSL skills, prepare for an exam or just want to build your confidence, we can also offer one-to-one sessions at very reasonable prices. Get in touch with us to let us know what you need.

Group Courses

If you have a group of friends or family who want your own course or are part of a sign language society at university or school, get in touch to find out more about special courses.

Are you looking for Charity, Corporate or Special Rates?

We have provided BSL training to many organisations, like the London Legacy Development Corporation, Global Disability Innovation Hub, Scope and Sense. We offer competitive rates and can tailor the content and length of the course to your needs. We also offer additional Deaf Awareness sessions for special rates to create a rounded training package.

Charity & Corporate Bookings


Deaf Unity’s mission is to empower the deaf community through building bridges and sharing knowledge – there is no better place to start than by learning British Sign Language (BSL)! Why not start today by getting in touch.