Progressing in the Workplace

Deaf person using the computer to look for jobs

Many deaf job seekers have to accept the only jobs they can find, which are often below their skill level and outside of their area of interest. Unlike their hearing peers who use these as jumping off points to begin their careers and build their networks, many deaf people remain in these low level roles

A lack of networking opportunities within the workplace leads to deaf people being passed over for promotions or training, sometimes not even knowing about new opportunities until these are filled. Deaf employees speak of a very tangible glass ceiling within sectors and roles, stifling aspirations and preventing upwards mobility.

We ensure that deaf people in all types of employment and sectors have a network that builds pride, ambition and knowledge, that can be leveraged to progress or pivot in the workplace. Over time, we aim to build this network as a platform for movement building – celebrating the contribution of deaf workers and pushing for their rights and value in the workplace to be properly recognised.