Entering the Workforce

Deaf Alumni

The employment market can be baffling, with rules being written and unwritten constantly, creating a confusing and challenging landscape for those looking to take up their first job . Many hearing people are able to leverage school or university networks, speak to friends of their parents, attend job fairs or take up opportunities such as apprenticeships and volunteering.

These opportunities and paths are largely unavailable or seemingly impossible to access for deaf job seekers due to a lack of information, lack of awareness and not knowing what support is out there.

We work with our community and stakeholders to develop and test accessible resources, and to create opportunities to train and learn how to compete in the jobs market. We provide support with the concrete skills that go into identifying, applying for and securing a job.

With employers, we work to shift the employment landscape – modelling fair employment practices, challenging the status quo, and evidencing the positive impact of deaf employees in the workplace.

Deaf Alumni