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Want to learn sign language or brush up on your BSL? 

Here at Deaf Unity, we’ve been delivering outstanding sign language courses for several years, building a strong foundation in quality teaching and high pass rates. Our students enjoy learning from our highly experienced deaf tutors and mixing with other people who are learning to love sign language and deaf culture. 

2020 has presented unique communication issues with lockdown, social distancing and having to wear masks. Luckily, weve successfully adapted to an online learning platform and continued to teaching our students through to completion.  

When lockdown began, one of our Level 1 British Sign Language classes was in the middle of their course, and we’re proud to announce an 100% pass rate for all those who sat the exam. A big thank you to our tutors for delivering superb virtual lessonsand to our students who were flexible in their learning. We’d also like to thank Signature for allowing online sign language assessments during this time. 

AbdiFounder of Deaf Unity and one of our tutors, said: ‘I really appreciated the students enthusiasm and flexibility in moving to an online platform. Whilst it had its challenges, we quickly embraced it and actually found it fun. It was great to still be able to continue with the course and see our students thrive and pass with their Level 1. It felt like a victory over the virus!’ 

Interested in learning to sign?  

Check out our article on reasons to learn sign language and get in touch to find out about our British Sign Language coursesHere’s a testimonial from one of our sign language students:

At first I wasn’t keen on learning over Zoom, but actually the experience was really positive. I really appreciated the efforts that Deaf Unity and our tutor went to, to make sure we were comfortable with the new format and creating engaging content and activities. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my time during lockdown and now, I’m ready to move on to my next level with Deaf Unity.’ 

We run Level 1 and Level 2 Signature accredited courses. We also offer bespoke training in Introduction to Sign Language and bespoke Deaf Awareness courses. We’re committed to ensuring an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience, whilst observing all the necessary health and safety rules, so our teaching methods will be a mix of online and offline learning. 

We also run regular FREE Zoom meet-upsvia the British Sign Language Café. Check out our British Sign Language Café Facebook group for announcements, times and links. It’s a chance to socialise with other deaf people and learn sign language, and all levels are welcome 

To find out more about any of our British Sign Language courses, or to sign up, contact us here.

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